New features of the 3.0.1 version

This is a major update because there are some new nice features and also because this version has a new html-help file since the new Windows
operative system Windows Vista don't handle old 'hlp' Winhelp-files.

A new toolbar

DiagTransfer now comes with a new full colour toolbar, the icons are highlighted when the mouse pointer move over them, and the arrow buttons have a popup menu to choose the colour of the arrows or the squares.

A new PGN import positions feature

The "Import positions from a PGN-file" dialog allows you to import positions or entire games from a PGN file. (You can find thousands of PGN files on the web) This feature is very useful because you can have, with some mouse clicks, hundreds of positions imported in DiagTransfer ready to edit.You save a lot of time, since the program does not only import the positions it also imports colour, castling rights, fullmove number,en passant square,half move number,comments and NAGs of each position.

You have a slider bar and buttons to navigate in the game, so when the slider has focus you can also navigate with the the arrow keys for the start position,end position,one move forward and one move back positions. You can import positions either by selecting them with a click on the "Import" button or by selecting all or a section of the game with a click on the "Import all"-button. You can also import several games or positions you want at the same time.

Others features: