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Welcome to DiagTransfer !

final with colored squares
final with  crosses

With DiagTransfer you can create all kinds of diagrams these can be pasted in FEN mode in most chess programs for analysis or in RTF mode or  JPG, PNG, BMP mode for
paste them in a word processor


DiagTransfer is ideal when following a live chess match on the internet to quickly copy the position and paste it back into a chess program by simply pasting the FEN

font quality

DiagDiagTransfer has a very good quality true type font. The example that you see above is a screen capture in the resolution of your screen 72DPI (72 dots per inch), that gives only a vague idea of what you will obtain with a printing even in "normal" mode (300DPI) there all the lines will have the same width and the curves will be perfect. You will get a quality at least equal to that found in good quality magazines or books.
With a coated or photo paper in 720DPI resolution you get a quality equal to that seen on "transfer" or "letracet" boards.
You can also choose from 17 other diagram fonts that can be downloaded from the Internet

  print prewiew
Detail of the Print Preview window
This window is very useful to quickly see all the diagrams in a file
This mode of printing 9 diagrams per page where you can put 4 lines of text under each diagram is very practical.
 For example to print lesson sheets without having to make an effort for the layout.

With DiagTransfer you can create your diagrams directly as images and then place them on a web page. Depending on the size of the diagram, the image size varies between 2 and 12 kb and the quality of the image remains excellent. This is achieved by reducing the image to 4bits and the number of colours (DiagTransfer uses very few) and then saving the file in PNG format (accepted by the main drawing programs and Internet browsers)
This image created with DiagTransfer
is less than 3kb!

You can also with DiagTransfer create your pictures with a transparent background, to have an overview of the beautiful results you can get with this click--> here...

case clé
transparent background mode
Rg2! (distant opposition to reach g6)



Other possibilities of DiagTransfer:

  •     Diagram editor.
  •     Copy, create, delete, add, insert diagrams, correct diagrams.
  •     Import diagrams from a PGN file
  •     Set diagrams to any size.
  •     Save in FEN, EPD, DTR or PGN formats.
  •     Save diagram image as PNG, JPG, BMP.
  •     Send a FEN by email.
  •     Use DiagTransfer as a diagram reader. (hide/show solution).
  •     Print diagrams (one or more per page).
  •     Add comments to diagrams in an EPD file.
  •     Check the validity of diagrams (chess rules).
  •     Edit parameters (castling, color, etc.).
  •     Copy in FEN mode (to paste for analysis in chess software).
  •     Copy in diagram mode (RTF-Rich Text Format) to paste into a word processor.
  •     Copy in bitmap mode for pasting into a word processor or drawing program.
  •     Add arrows and colored boxes.
  •     Draw crosses and circles in the boxes.
  •     Add numbers to squares.
  •     Possibility to create fairy chess diagrams.
  •     A very complete help file (over 100kb).
  •     Compatible with 18 True Type diagram fonts.

One of the new features of version 4.0 of DiagTransfer is the possibility of putting numbers in squares of a diagram with a new toolbar. This can be used as in the diagram opposite, to create diagrams on the subject of corresponding squares and key squares. In this case, it is not only possible to create diagrams for a publication, but also to practice, starting from the critical squares, to find these squares. The conditions are the same as in a game (you cannot move the pieces), but with the advantage of being able to put in the numbers as you go along.
It can also be used as a lesson to show, for example, the movements of a piece to reach a square.

Diagram from the book "Pawns Finals" by I.Maizelis


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This website was built and DiagTransfer was developed by Alain Blaisot.

DiagTransfer is a free program, but the True Type font of the PCFTDT Diagram chess pieces (DIAGTRNSFER.TTF) is not in the public domain.
You can use it for personal use or for an association (chess club etc.) to produce club magazines etc. (which can even be sold as long as it is not for profit), and you can use it, if you are a programmer, inside one of your programs if this program is distributed as freeware (not as shareware).