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Welcome to DiagTransfer

News: DiagTransfer 3.0.1 (01/29/2007):

News: (12/27/2006):
A new html help file,a PGN import feature, a new toolbar in24 bits full colour

New release: DiagTransfer 2.0.11 (10/09/2006):
Better display quality

New release: DiagTransfer 2.0.10 (10/02/2006):
Draw circles and crosses and Fairy chess mode

DiagTransfer 2.0.8 (08/21/2005):
Send diagram pictures in Chess Forums posts with two mouse clicks

DiagTransfer 2.0.7 (03/10/2005):

DiagTransfer is now compatible with 17 other free diagram fonts


This program has three main original features :


DiagTransfer utilizes a very high quality True Type Font for its characters, enabling the user to print very high-quality diagrams. The picture above is only in-screen resolution of 72DPI (72 dots per inch) and gives you a poor preview of the results you will get a printed page using only a “ normal ” quality mode (300DPI).With a fine quality paper and a 720DPI resolution you will get perfect quality ! Even better than diagrams printed in high quality chess books. Print some diagrams and compare them with prints made from your chess database or chess program !

Cut of a print preview screen with 9 diagrams on a page
This screen is useful to have a look at all pages of the file

With DiagTransfer you can save a position as a PNG file with a 16 palette colours and 4 bits depth, so files weight are very small (between 2 and 12 kbp).

PNG format is free and works well in Web Browsers and most of paint programs

This picture generated by DiagTransfer
has less of 3kb size!

You can save images with a transparent background so the background colour or the texture web page will show through
.To see how nice is a page with transparent diagrams take a look at this page.

And this one has less of 2kb size!


DiagTransfer Features:

  • Diagram Editor
  • Copy, create, add, insert, remove, correct, diagrams.
  • Save in FEN, EPD or DTR (DiagTransfer format).
  • Import games or positions from PGN files.
  • Send mail with a FEN position as mail attachment.
  • Send pictures in Chess Forums
  • Save diagram as image (PNG and BMP or JPG formats) .
  • Reader
  • Print (multi or unique diagrams) with differents options.
  • Add comments.
  • Diagrams checking (chess rules).
  • Edit positions data's(castling possibilities, active colour etc.)..
  • FEN Copy to paste it to a chess program or a ASCII editor.
  • RTF-(Rich Text Format) Copy (to paste to a word processor).
  • BMP (bitmap) Copy (to paste in a word processor or paint program).
  • Add coloured squares and arrows.
  • Add crosses and circles.
  • Fairy chess diagrams.
  • A larger than 100kb help file.

DiagTransfer with coloured squares and arrows


DiagTransfer download

Configuration required:
-Windows 2000,Windows XP or Windows Vista.
Download DiagTransfer 3.0.1 (English version size 788 kb)

Run "engdiagtsetup.exe" install program.
Run Uninstall DiagTransfer program from the "Start "-> "Programs" ->"DiagTransfer" folder


Translators wanted!

If you want to help me to translate DiagTransfer to another language, send me a mail to: diagtransfer301@free.fr
Thank you beforehand !

DiagTransfer is freeware, however the true type font used by the program "diagtrnsfer.ttf" (PCFTDR Diagram) may not be used commercially (e.g. in books)