The transparency feature with diagram images

When you save a diagram as image with DiagTransfer you can save it with the background wholly transparent so the background colour or the texture web page will show through. You can see an example of transparency with this image saved with DiagTransfer with the "Transparent window Mode" and "Coordinates" options selected.

It's very easy to make web pages as this one, you only have to save a diagram with DiagTransfer and load a texture file for the background in your web page.

If you like the texture I have created for this page, you can save it, for this right-click on the page and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As".

NOTE: To get fine diagrams as these displayed in this page, you should (if not) enable font smoothing in Windows's"Display utility". more...

You can save diagrams with pieces with the colour you want.
For this you must choose "Semi-transparent mode",
change "Pieces colour" and set the level of DiagTransfer's
"Windows transparency" to 100% "Opaque" in "File/Preferences".

If you design a web page with diagrams made with DiagTransfer, send me a link, I'll paste it on my page..


Because the background colour of the image is mixed in with the foreground colours, simply replacing a background colour with another is not enough to simulate transparency. If the web page background colour differs (too much) of the DiagTransfer windows background colour when you save a diagram image you get something as you can see with this picture. The effect in this case is a lot of grey dots, because the original image was anti-aliased to a white background colour.

To correct this you must change the color of the Diagtransfer window (approximately the same colour), then the image will be anti-aliased with the web page background colour.

You have not to set the same colour, if the colour is almost the same this work well.

Cut of a web page with a solid green background colour.and a diagram saved with a transparent background but the DiagTransfer background window was white.

The same page but the Diagram was saved after the DiagTransfer background windows colour has been set to a color almost the same as the web page background colour